Patti Isaacs brings wide-ranging experience in both arts and sciences to the task of communicating and organizing your message. She has created graphics and managed projects for state and regional government, private industry, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

With strong interpersonal communication skills and cross-cultural sensitivity, Patti has successfully coordinated the efforts of team members working together from separate locations around the globe.

As a designer and production artist, Patti specializes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. She is experienced in other Creative Suite software; MS Office including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; HTML; CSS; and ArcGIS.

Background and Experience

Patti has worked as a hydrologist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources; a designer of informational graphics for many different institutions including the National Geographic Society; an English teacher and technical editor in China; a crew supervisor for the 2010 Census; and a project manager for small and large companies, specializing in the management of assets for digital and print media.



Patti lives and works outside of St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband Gauss, a database developer; an industrial-sized cat named Spicy; and her company mascot, a cockatiel named Tubby.

“Over the years whenever I needed a cartographer, Patti was always the first person to pop into my head. She has always done superior work for me on time and with reasonable rates. But it wasn’t until we worked together on a multifaceted Spanish project that I realized the true extent of her ability to not only create art but also to organize an entire complex art program with skill, grace under fire, and humor.”

—Aaron Downey, Production Manager, Rio Nuevo Publishers

Phone 651-430-8127

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