PowerPoint and Training

In the last couple of years I’ve branched into creating content for PowerPoint presentations and other products ancillary to textbooks and digital learning products. I glean essential information from the text and present it as bullet points with supporting graphics, some derived from the textbook. In addition, I create chapter summaries and interactive quizzes.

Creative Nonfiction

When I’m not managing art projects or drawing maps, I’m a creative writer.

Recent publications:

Rules of the Road about cycling in old and new China, appeared in the August/September issue of Adventure Cyclist Magazine. The article is copyrighted and cannot be viewed online, only in the printed piece or by subscription.

Rules of the Road Article from Adventure Cyclist magazine August/September 2018

Cover of Adventure Cyclist Magazine August/September 2018


Concrete, a book of essays focused on change in China, published May 31, 2018. My essay, The Heart of Old Xi’an, reflects my observations of a city where I first lived in 1981. I returned in 2005 to experience the impact of China’s modernization on this ancient capital. With all that had changed, could the city retain its old soul?

The book has just come off the presses.

About Concrete by the Shanghai Literary Review

My husband Gauss and I viewed several total solar eclipses together, and I’ve written articles on the topic. The Minneapolis StarTribune published one article in December, 2016 Chasing the Sky in anticipation of the August, 2017 event, and an update after the eclipse occurred, Chasing the total eclipse: Sometimes the cosmic transcends the personal

The Voyage Report also published an article about the upcoming eclipse:

The Voyage Report Eclipse Column

Gauss and I taped two podcasts for TheVoyageReport before and after the August 2017 total solar eclipse that crossed the United States.

Voyage Report podcast—Eclipse Chasers. 

Reflections on a Celestial Milestone

I’ve published pieces advocating for progressive health care reform.

This piece aired on KQED, San Francisco Public Radio’s Perspectives Series


A book tentatively entitled Accidental Historian recounts my experiences living in China beginning in 1981, when that country was still collectivized. The book follows some of my students as they made the transition to capitalism with their country. Segments that story can be found at http://timetravelinchina.wordpress.com/

While Accidental Historian awaits a publisher, I am working on a food memoir about growing up in Mid-century Middle America on mushroom-soup casseroles and Jewish deli food—and the change that came with marrying an Italian and living in China.